Uss maine explosion essay

Just as he sealed the envelope a small explosion shook the ship followed by a mammoth detonation that rocked her and the surrounding areas Chidsey Sigsbee ran for his life, collected what he could of his detachment and the rest of the crew, and moved to organize the ensuing chaos.

Uss maine explosion essay

The 6, ton vessel was initially known as the Armored Cruiser. The design and subsequent building of the warship was approved by the united states Congress in The vessel was then commissioned and distributed around the united states Navy in In January,this warship acquired dispatched to Havana to guard American interests during the Cuban revolution contrary to the then federal of Spain.

The primary goal of this newspaper is to discuss the sinking of the USS Maine ship and highlight a few of the theories recommended to make clear the possible factors behind its destruction. The article shall also touch briefly on the American win at Uss maine explosion essay Bay and briefly discuss a few of the effects brought about by the sinking of the USS Maine and the subsequent warfare on the navy and the United States perception on global enlargement.

About 75 percent of its staff i. Only eighty nine team customers survived, with eighteen of them being US navy officials.

This precipitated a war between the two countries as a show of retaliation resistant to the action. Minimal thought was presented with to the probability that the explosion might have resulted from an internal problem within the vessel.

To date, the exact causes of the explosion have not yet been unearthed, due to the conflicting findings of the investigations conducted inand The exploration however linked the explosion to interior causes resulting from spontaneous combustion within the coal chambers.

Causes of Sinking Following some investigations into the possible causes of the explosion, several hypotheses have been formulated so that they can unearth the complexities.

One theory put across by the investigations recommended the possibility of any mine explosion within the warship causing serious explosions of the weapon powder newspapers. The other theories suggest that possibility of spontaneous combustion within the coal chambers resulting into a brutal fire that allegedly ignited the periodicals.

The Exterior Mine Theory In as much as all investigations conducted unanimously established that the USS Maine exploded due to the detonation of its gunpowder newspapers, the causes of this explosion have been debated ever since without conclusive studies.

However, some kinds of evidence link the entire devastation of the USS Maine with an exterior mine explosion.

Findings of the divers who have been investigating the sources of the explosion also associated it to an external source predicated on the nature of damage caused to the vessel i. Most People in the usa made the assumption that the Spanish squadron possessed at first planted a mine just as one way of protecting against the then ongoing attempts by america to dominate Cuba.

This perception acted as a loophole to initiate the Spanish-American struggle as previously wished for by most People in the usa.

The best rhetoric concerning the alleged detonation of the mine still remains, with most People in the usa linking the explosion to either an unintentional detonation, an work by insurgents, or via an insubordinate Spaniard or even by the Spanish squadrons under purchases from the Spanish capital.

Other findings from the investigations advised that the mine could have been planted to guard the bay and accidentally drifted toward the USS Maine. Ideas also suggest that the mine might have been positioned by Cuban insurgents with a sole goal of diverting the Cubas attention by triggering a fight between Spain and america.

Critics have however disputed this theory since there were no dead seafood detected at the harbor following explosion. Opponents declare that the fish may have died following a mine explosion in their natural ecosystem due to the pollution resulting from the detonation. Second of all, no witnesses reported watching a jet of drinking water under high pressure being tossed up during the explosion.

That is a common occurrence in scenarios concerning underwater explosions. A study by contemporaneous experts also linked the inward curvature of underneath plates to up thrust resistive pushes that acted on the sinking vessel, ruling out the likelihood of an interior explosion.

Based on these and other arguments, many questions still continue to be unanswered regarding the possibility of any mine explosion. Spontaneous Combustion within the Coal Chambers The destruction of the USS Maine could be linked to the spontaneous combustion of coal within the bunkers, causing a fierce flame that led to the detonation of the gunpowder journals.

The USS Maine have been designed and made so that the coal chambers and the gunpowder periodicals shared a common un-lagged steel wall membrane. To further support this data, several naval boats during the American-Spanish battle sustained varying levels of damage caused by the ignition of bituminous coal of their bunkers.

It was quite difficult to find such fires because they could go on for several hours with negligible temperatures, insufficient to stimulate the security alarm instrumentations on board. This theory on the other hand has been disputed from several quarters predicated on the actual fact that the dispatch was inspected many times by qualified personnel, for safety documentation on the fateful day.

Secondly, the probability of the spontaneous self-ignition of the coal was almost zero based on the fact that possibility decreases with time i.

Finally, the low-volatile coal onboard had been subjected to air for about two months and was never known to exhibit the self applied ignition property. The American Squadron under the command line of one Dewey George involved the Spanish Squadron in a brutal challenge before eventually earning the challenge.

This success in Philippines, Manila Bay was the first major achievements during the warfare.

Uss maine explosion essay

During this period the Spanish squadron got inferior warships outfitted with obsolete weaponry in comparison to those of their American counterparts.Essay on USS Maine; Essay on USS Maine. fearful of American intervention. On April 25, , following the explosion of the USS Maine, congress declared war on Spain.

During the war, American forces claimed the Philippines from Spain. Tom's of Maine Case Study Essay. Toms of Maine Case Study Organizational culture is the basic . Arriving in January , USS Maine sank on February 15 after an explosion tore through the ship.

Initial reports concluded that Maine had been sunk by a naval mine.

Uss maine explosion essay

Sparking a wave of outrage across the United States, the loss of the ship helped push the nation towards war. The war between Spain and America that lasted from April 21st to August 13th way back in was a hall mark in the history of America because of the bizarre cause of the war.

The USS Maine is thought to have sank in February , following a explosion of its in advance gun-powder magazines. About 75 percent of its staff i. e. men on board, lost their lives during the explosion. Essay on USS Maine; Essay on USS Maine.

fearful of American intervention. On April 25, , following the explosion of the USS Maine, congress declared war on Spain. During the war, American forces claimed the Philippines from Spain. Tom's of Maine Case Study Essay. Toms of Maine Case Study Organizational culture is the basic pattern.

USS Maine - U.S.S. Maine Captain Charles Sigsbee of the USS Maine, a battleship of the United State's Atlantic Fleet, was writing a letter to his wife about his hopefulness for the success of his mission in this foreign possession (Chidsey 54).

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