Space research

Currents are calculated using a quasi-steady geostrophic model together with an eddy viscosity based wind-driven ageostrophic component and a thermal wind adjustment. The model calculates a surface current averaged over the top 30m of the upper ocean. Many smaller-scale features are now observable in the higher resolution model, for example the Gulf Stream rings in the images below. The spatial coverage of OSCAR has been extended to as close to the coast as possible, variable with time, expanding and contracting with the bounds of the satellite data.

Space research

The futuristic building will incorporate elements of spacecraft design, which emphasize light weight and high functionality. The whole thing will be suspended over a man-made, Moon-like crater. The building site is an old mine that will be excavated and shaped to look like a crater on the Moon.

The research center will be elevated 18 meters above the crater, by steel cables. The building itself will be constructed out of transparent and translucent panels of fluoropolymer membrane wrapped around a steel frame. The space research center wil be made of transparent and translucent panels wrapped around a steel frame.

The space research center comprises the entire campus.

Space research

The building suspended above the crater will be the Avatar X robotics research center. Along with its translucent panels and steel frame, it will have partitions made of carbon fibre, floor plates made out of honeycomb aluminium, and fibre-reinforced plastic trims.

All these design features will help reduce the weight of this multi-storey structure. Another view of the robotics research center.

Here on Earth, everything must resist gravity to a greater degree than in orbit. Also, since everything in space, at least for now, must be launched on rockets, light weight is a key concern.

The new lab is much more than an architectural showpiece. It will be home to some very important work. Space is the next frontier, and commercial activity in space is a growing concern. The Avatar X robotics research lab will help humans work and live in space, in a three-phase approach.

The first phase will see people on Earth controlling avatars in Earth orbit. Avatar X foresees a day when doctors on Earth will able to treat patients on space stations with avatars. After that, the surface of the Moon.

Beyond that, they see avatars being a crucial technology for any colony or extended visit to Mars, and beyond. Avatar X has identified three endeavours that will benefit from avatars: Remote construction in space, including the lunar surface and Mars Operation and maintenance of space stations and facilities from Earth Space-based entertainment and travel for the general public Avatar X hopes to begin testing avatars in Low Earth Orbit in the mid s.Research Centers.

SSI currently has four research centers: Center for Space Plasma Physics The mission of CSPP is to carry out scientific research that will increase our understanding of fundamental and applied aspects of space plasmas.

12 days ago · The space research center wil be made of transparent and translucent panels wrapped around a steel frame. Image: Clouds Architecture Office. The space research . UNSW Canberra Space Vision and Strategic Direction Vision Statement To be the leading institution in space research, education and thinking in Australia, and beyond.

To provide strategic vision and leadership, underpinned by world-class research and education. The Space Weather Operations, Research, and Mitigation (SWORM) Subcommittee is a Federal interagency coordinating body of the Committee on Environment, . In space research Belgium has signed bilateral agreements with Argentina, France and Russia, and is involved in the activities of the ESA and other international research activities.

Some 40 Belgian companies are regularly active in the space travel industry. The MIT Kavli Institute paves the way for new developments in space- & ground-based astrophysics. Our faculty, research staff, and students develop technology & instrumentation with a focus on an engineering and technical core.

Space Physics Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan