Softening marijuana laws in texas

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Softening marijuana laws in texas

One north Texas resident aims to provide a bill to state legislators for the session that will change this. The law in Texas makes a distinction between the two, even when THC is present inside the marijuana.

The bill also applies the same logic and criminal penalty assignment to delivery of hashish and delivery of hashish to a child.

There is no reason why mg of THC in a marijuana bud should be treated differently from mg of THC in a cannabis oil. They should be treated identically.

Softening marijuana laws in texas

Under HBcannabis oils and extracts would still have been very much illegal. Once the definition for hashish is in place, we can build off of it to create better legislation in the future, and it would also give the administrative side of SB The Texas Compassionate Use Act better chances to later integrate the full spectrum of cannabinoids into their medical regulation programs.

I appreciate the fine nuances of the law and the way it is written. Because of this, I undertook the initiative to write a bill. This gives me the advantage of going to Austin, not just with an idea to propose to a legislator, who will have to take time to research the bill, research how the law is written and formulate a good solution to the problem, but I get to go in with a packaged problem-solving bill.

Williams also states that he has spoken with a number of representatives and candidates running for office and has found them all receptive to his bill. Williams, an application developer from Denton, says that whoever wins his House district will get the first opportunity to file his bill, and he plans to write two others as well, one pertaining to cannabis, and the other a general drug prosecution bill.

He has also drafted an encryption bill, but has not decided if he will present it yet. To read the bill, click here. Stay up to date with the latest cannabis news from a Texas perspective by following the Texas Cannabis Report social media pages.Texas Cities Embrace a Softer Approach to Pot Possession as State Reforms Stall “How harshly you’re treated for possessing cannabis in Texas now varies city by city, county by county.” by.

Texas Marijuana Laws In Texas, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, which means that it has a high potential for abuse and no generally recognized medical value. By Monica Steiner, Contributing Author. Irish immigrants introduce collar-and-elbow wrestling into New England.

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