Natural resources and conflict essay

Trafficking Of Natural Resources: Free Internation Relations and Politics Essays Trafficking Of Natural Resources This essay will outline trafficking of natural resources in particularly focusing in on diamond smuggling often known as conflict diamonds. It will examine to what extent is diamond smuggling transnational, organised and criminal.

Natural resources and conflict essay

Select network Civil wars are hugely important events in the cultural and political histories of people and states. Civil wars and natural resources A civil war is characterized by the fact that the war is fought within a nation between two factions within the nation.

The causes of a civil war can be over political reasons due to disputes in the way a country should be run. The goal of a civil war is usually to determine which side will take control over the other. Also the goal could for an underrepresented group of individuals to gain autonomy or more equal representation.

In recent decades civil wars have shifted into becoming a conflict less over political reasons but more so for control over natural resources over a country. Civil wars start with political division Political divisions have frequently been the cause of civil wars in the past.

If factions within the government have difficulty coming to an agreement the conflict may arise to a civil war if it is not resolved. The political division within the government at times come from a faction of the government wanting to make changes while the leading party wants to maintain the status quo.

An example of the way in which political divisions can lead to civil war can be found in the most prolific civil war, the American Civil War was fought because two factions of the government were in opposition over the practice of slavery. While the violence in the war was geared to achieve political goals not all civil wars are as political.

Civil war can be differentiated by other forms of political violence, in which groups of people or a form of political party resort to violence to achieve political goals.

Political violence can come in the form of genocide, counter-insurgency or torture. Civil war can be differentiated from other forms of political violence as at times it involves the division of a country itself. Civil wars have largely been found to be over natural resources which other forms of political violence are not.

Civil wars tend to disproportionately affect weaker, poorer countries rather than established, richer nations. Rather than other forms of political violence which may target a specific group, civil wars target a whole entire population who may have a different political ideology from them.

Civil wars and national resolution Through a form of political violence, civil wars can lead to drastic consequences for the citizens of its nation. Civil wars can also shape the way a nation is shaped. In order to resolve a civil war at times resolutions can be made which result in the formation of new nations with the division of a nation.

This has occurred in mainly African civil war conflicts in which new nations have emerged as a result of the conflict. In his comparative study of Africa and Eurasia he found that these continents were more likely to be involved in a civil war conflict which led to the formation of new countries.

The conflicts in Africa that have led to the formation of new states have largely been a cause of a fight over food and water securityand other natural resources especially in impoverished countries. Civil wars have largely resulted from a fight over natural resources.

State formation can occur if a faction within the group would like control over the natural resources of country. By creating a whole new nation the faction can have complete power over the resources which leads to increased wealth.

A weak government which improperly manages its natural resources through corruption or other forms of mismanagement can lead to civil war within the country.

Civil wars over natural resources are often led by greed and personal gain rather than political decisions over what is best for the country as leaders attempt to control the resources while they spill the blood of their citizens.

A case study Sudan is an example of a country in which factions within the country have attempted to form its own nation for the purpose of controlling the resources of the country.

Sudan was embroiled in its first civil war in when a faction in the government wanted more representation and autonomy when it felt the government was making decisions not in their favor.

The second civil war which began in was fought over control of the oil in the southern region of Sudan. These conflicts led to the formation of a new nation, South Sudan. Although South Sudan obtained its goal of independence from Sudan, conflicts continue to occur with Sudan over control of the oil and the formation of a pipeline whose control is also disputed.

Sudan demonstrates the way in which a civil war can be fought over natural resources and leads to the formation of a new nation despite its continued instability. Another African country which has been plagued by civil war is Sierra Leone. The civil war began in and was over diamonds in the region.

The civil war finally ended after a decade once outside western nations such as the United Kingdom at first assisted Sierra Leone make a deal with the rebel faction and once this was ineffective eventually assisted in crushing the rebel faction. Conclusions Although civil wars are the most common occurring forms of conflict they are the least publicized in comparison to conflicts between two different nations.

As researchers have found in their studies of civil war conflicts the most common cause of civil war conflicts in the modern world have been conflicts over natural resources.Sample essay paragraphs. Please check the sample of the previously written essay on the topic.

We are sure we can handle writing a new unique essay on this topic within the tight deadlines. Natural resources occur naturally within environments that exist relatively undisturbed by humanity, in a natural form. A natural resourceis often characterized by amounts of biodiversity and geodiversity existent in various alphabetnyc.coml resources are derived from the environment.

Natural resources and conflict essay

Some of them are essential for our survival while most are used for satisfying our needs. Essay on Natural Resources and Conflict - The incidence of civil war has been seen in all regions of the world from ancient times well into modernity.

Fortunately, for most areas of the world, civil war has become a declining trend in recent history, but in Africa, this trend seems to have been upwards.

Essay on Natural Resource Conflicts and Governance Essay on Natural Resource Conflicts and Governance This paper reflects on few such complexities in managing natural resources and derives a qualitative co-relation between governance and natural resources by taking inspiration from the paper "To Have or Have not" by HBF along with.

Conflict Resolution (CICR), the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD), and the EU-UN Partnership on Land, Natural Resources and Conflict Prevention. This guide collects and summarizes good practices on the successful mediation of resource conflicts.

Key words: Natural Resources, conflicts, politics, community, mining, biodiversity, trust and integrity Introduction The issue of natural resource governance is ridden with complexities.

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