Executive summary business plan muster station

The wind is sharp and cold. I gaze across the quarterdeck and there I chance to see, an ancient sailor bent with age, prepared for liberty. His blues are worn at knee and cuff.

Executive summary business plan muster station

Understand the Difference Between Strategy and Tactics At the height of Vietnam war, it was clear that our military suffered from flawed strategy. When advancing any army, operations or business, you must state clearly what you intend to accomplish. This statement is the basis of your strategy.

Part of the reason for our failure in Vietnam, was simply that the soldier never understood the strategic objective. Strategy is most easily defined as the expected outcome or cumulative efforts of all tactical plans reaching out 36 months or longer.

Our strategy in Vietnam vacillated wildly based on political sentiment and public opinion. In developing sound strategy, the sentiment of others that are not directly involved in the tactical mission must never be strongly considered.

The lowest ranking person in the company must have the latitude to modify a tactic to fit the conditions of the environment without fear of punishment or reprisal, provided that the tactic advances the strategic objective. Reserve the right to change your tactics at will. Remain flexible and dynamic in your approach.

The measure of your success should be based on the following question: The most important point to be made with regard to your strategic and tactical plans is that they should be held in secrecy from your competition and to others outside of your most trusted advisors.

Strategic plans should be clear to your team but tactics must be parceled and modified in order to avoid revealing your true objective. During the Vietnam conflict The United States military made the often fatal tactical error of forecasting troop movement to the enemy.

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Immediately before our military would land in a specified area of combat, they would move in air cover, followed by a series of maneuvers that did little more than reveal to the enemy our intentions of landing troops in a battlefield location. Never commit this error.

Keep you plans as dark as night and your competitors on their heels by constantly changing your tactics, so as never to reveal your true intent. This gives the appearance that you are uncertain, or prone to indecision, and this is exactly what you want to communicate to your competition.

Any petty criminal will tell you that the easiest victims are often the most predictable.

Your true intention may be to dominate a market segment, but your tactics should reveal the opposite, that you have no intention of growing. While the coffers of your company are shallow, your tactics should reveal that you are flush with cash.

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When your pockets are filled with the profits of a successful year, reveal none of your success. You may even downplay any suspicion that you are doing extremely well in your business, by reducing your expenditures or closing a marginally important office location.

Any indication that you give that is accurate with regard to your true intentions should be given only to deceive your competitors. Lull them into a false since of superiority by appearing weak. Or intimidate them into abandoning their market position, idea or product by striking quickly and decisively at their customer base.

Business is war, and each day you must conduct your battles as if your very livelihood is at stake, because it is. Your tactical plans in the areas of finance, operations and marketing must be conducted with precision and surgical accuracy while shrouding your intentions in secrecy.

But very few are willing to muster the discipline necessary to actually accomplish a thing.Our executive coaches leverage deep business operating experience combined with certified coaching credentials to assist individuals and groups in becoming more effective as leaders; Summary.

20+ years in executive search, client management, and business development roles MAXINE MUSTER. Senior Associate. executive summary BACKGROUND (Refer section ) The NSW Police intends to sell the site of Mosman Police Station, located at NoA Bradleys Head Road, Mosman.

An executive summary serves as a brief introduction of the business plan. It introduces the project, its objectives, the process to be undertaken, etc. It does not only list the key points but also provides a concise yet thorough explanation of the business plan.

The Shackleton Approach: Effective Leadership Throughout the Claims Process Daniel Torpey relates leadership lessons from a historical figure and an executive facing disaster in discussing the complexities of large insurance claims and the importance of good leadership to effect smooth settlement.

executive summary business plan muster station

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