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Glen Little 4, Unfortunately it appears external redistribution of "server application" still requires a paid licence one time though, not subscription-based. There's a day trial version available here: Alternatively, if all you need to do is replace a few static literal words, have you tried doing a search and replace in a text editor? Don't forget to save the original files somewhere safe first!

Crystal report

Total number of ratings: Then follow me on Twitter. Passing multiple parameter values to a report programmatically is a bit trickier. First, you have to use the correct parameter type. In the Field Explorer, add a new parameter and make sure that Allow multiple values and Discrete value s are selected.

Next, drag the parameter from the Field Explorer on your report. Country from the second drop-down and click OK. The next step is to add the code that passes the values for the parameters at run-time. The example below uses hard-coded values for a parameter that filters the report based on the country name, but in reality you can substitute these hard-coded values with any values you like.

For example, you can retrieve them from a database, a user preference stored in the registry, or retrieve them from text boxes placed on a Windows form.

Just make sure that the ParameterFieldName matches the name of the parameter in the Field Explorer minus the question mark. Add the following code to the click handler of a button, the load handler of a form, or any other method that is applicable in your situation: Wonder where to go next?

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Com On Tuesday, November 30, 1: I have a crystal report design in develoment site using Seagate Crystal Report passing parameter fields and it works fine when I click refresh, it asks me to enter a ranges of date. But when I try to display it using IE, it gives me a error meassge some thing like "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close Is there something with the.

Crystal report

I have included my email address, you can contact me if you need to ask me something. On Thursday, January 06, 6: Please help with CrystalReport. I have a main report that has embeded subreport. The main report links to subreport through a UserID database field, and I assign datasource to both report at runtime by using ReportDocument.

When I view the report using CrystalViewer control, it prompt me to enter parameter discret value. How do I suppress this dialog? Thank you, in advance, for your help. On Saturday, January 15, Dear I did same as you mentioned above. I am able to pass the first value in the parameter field.

But second value i could not.

SAP Crystal Reports

Any reply will be greatly appreciated. On Friday, February 18, 6: I call from VB. Add discretevalue I dont want CR to ask for parameter becoz it is already passed frm Combobox. Pls help me with this. Its very urgent and i wil b thankful if u can help.

On Wednesday, February 23, 6: On Wednesday, February 23, 7: Of course this stupid code works.Where I am working, we have a report, generated periodically by Crystal Reports and exported as a PDF, which is distributed via email.

My management wants to convert this PDF to a form with text fields, check boxes and maybe radio buttons through which w.

Design and deliver meaningful business reports based on data from virtually any source with SAP Crystal Reports. Crystal-Clean offers environmental products and services including: waste management, parts washer services, used oil recycling and more.


I have a field in crystal report with the following data: ' KL1 - Daniel Steve' How can i just remove the ' KL1 - ' and leave the 'Daniel Steve' in the field only? Characters before '-' could be different, i hope the formula would automatically search for the '- ' and then show everything after it. Crystal Reports String parameter All Crystal Reports programming samples in this tutorials is based on the following database (crystaldb). Please take a look at the database structure before you start this tutorial - Click here to see Database Structure..

Here we are passing a String parameter from to Crystal Reports.

Crystal report

General Reports generated in Control by default should use the local system's printer settings to determine which print mode will be used. For example, if your printer is set to print all documents in black and white then when printing a report from Control, we would expect the report .

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