Concerns global company human resources

Part 2 As issues of compliance and ethics become a focal point of businesses and policy development, these 12 concerns are the areas that business leaders from around the world feel are the greatest concerns for any globally active company. The study states that the concerns surrounding sexual harassment have risen in the US because many states have created laws that make it mandatory for supervisors and managers to undergo specific amounts of training to help identify, prevent and properly handle claims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Concerns global company human resources

Expatriate employees want to achieve different tasks based on the different nature of their job His-An Shih et al. Scholars do some research about expatriates of four information technology industry who worked in Taiwan.

These findings provides hypothetic support to EPM model which suggested by Tchvanciner And this model can help MNEs improve their global management to get competitive advantage.

Culture adjustment From past experience, hard to accept the new environment and difficult to operate effectively are main problems for most expatriates Brewster and Harries, Some are insufficient, some are incomplete Brewster,; Waxin et al.

Why these things happen? There is one crucial reason decide success or failure of multinational enterprise. The American company believes training is a good way to make expatriate employees recognize the host country culture and communication is useful to reduce the gap of difference.

The European company considers culture fusing by training and providing opportunities, like business travels and making people appreciate different cultures. Communication is the most useful way to deal with the misunderstanding problems between expatriate managers and local staffs Yuan qiang, zhou et al.

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Both of these companies have common sense on the culture identification. They all believe culture identification should be realized through training and daily influence Yuan qiang, zhou et al. Also some global company offer extensive pre-departure training, such as culture awareness programs: It include performance criteria, issues surrounding the use of multiple raters, methods and use of performance appraisal Peter W.

How such criteria be determined? Scholars suggest returned expatriates should be involved in developing the appropriate criteria Peter W.

Furthermore, this action should occur every five years. Otherwise the performance evaluation criteria will not make sure to remain current with the overseas environment Peter W. Day to day effectiveness is more difficult to measure the expatriate manager Black et al. For example, an American company expatriates work in India.

Some MNE use self-appraisal way.


Example about several international IT companies with subsidiaries in Taiwan shows all these companies use multiple raters. My self-evaluation will be reviewed by my immediate supervisor here and sent to the divisional general manager in the home office, who write my final performance appraisal report Samsung.

And ATM regard as clients as rater. His-An Shih et al.Human Resources.

Concerns global company human resources

Ethics & Compliance. Fraud Investigations.

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Incident Management. Top 12 Compliance Concerns From Global Companies:Part 1 each of these areas and some of the solutions that companies have been using to help mitigate the risks associated with global business.

Major Business Concerns Affecting Consolidated Global Mining Services Words | 8 Pages. a global marketplace, a large multinational organisation must manage human resources as tactically as any other department (Peterson, Ulferts & Wirtz, ).

The global human resource management should develop and implement such policies & practices that are according to the host countries.

The influence of global variations on human resources should be considered by the global human resource management. Operating human resources across geographic and cultural boundaries can often prove difficult for small-business owners and managers. Nonetheless, with the widespread use of technology, the.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Ethics & Compliance, Human Resources on April 22nd, Numbers seven through 12 of top compliance concerns from global companies is a continuation of Part 1.

7. ExpatriConcerns of a Global Company and Human Resources In this high competitive environment, a multinational company must have global perspective and international knowledge in order to keep competitive advantage.(Babara et al., ).So expatriate performance management is very important for the success of multinational enterprises(MNEs).

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