Chinese composition writing

But are these effective ways? Yes for the first one but not the latter one. Active learning in composition writing is much more effective. Students should be learning the techniques to compose an essay.

Chinese composition writing

How to write good Chinese essays? The following six steps will improve Chinese essay writing: Unlike English letters, Chinese characters are hieroglyphs, and the individual strokes are different from each other. It is important to be comfortable with writing Chinese characters in order to write essays well in Chinese.

Make sure to use Chinese essay writing format properly. After that, you will be ready to improve Chinese essay writing. Increase Your Chinese Words Vocabulary With approximatelywords in the Chinese language, you will need to learn several thousand words just to know the most common words used.

It is essential to learn as many Chinese words as possible if you wish to be a good writer. How can you enlarge your vocabulary? Try to accumulate words by reading daily and monthly. Memory is also very necessary for expanding vocabulary. We should form a good habit of exercising and reciting as more as we can so that to enlarge vocabulary.

Remember to use what you have learned when you write in Chinese so that you will continually be progressing in your language-learning efforts. Acquire Grammar,Sentence Patterns and Function Words In order to hone your Chinese writing skills, you must learn the grammar and sentence patterns.

Grammar involves words, phrases, and the structure of the sentences you form. There are two different categories of Chinese words: Chinese phrases can be categorized as subject-predicate phrases SPverb-object phrases VOand co-ordinate phrases CO. Regarding sentence structure, each Chinese sentence includes predicate, object, subject, and adverbial attributes.

If you wish to become proficient at writing in Chinese, you must study all of the aspects of grammar mentioned in this section.

Even if you are not interested in expanding your writing skills, you will find that it is beneficial for many day-to-day tasks, such as completing work reports or composing an email. Journaling on a regular basis will help you form the habit of writing, which will make it feel less like a chore.

You may enjoy expressing yourself in various ways by writing; for instance, you might write poetry in your journal. On a more practical side of things, you might prefer to simply use your journal as a way to purposely build your vocabulary. Persistence in Reading Everyday In addition to expanding your view of the world and yourself, reading can help you improve your writing.

Choose one favorite Chinese readingRead it for an hour or 2, words or so in length each day.

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In your notebook, write the new word or phrase and create an example sentence using that new addition to your vocabulary. If you are unsure how to use it in a sentence, you can simply copy the sample sentence in your dictionary.

Reviewing the new vocabulary word is a good way to improve your memory of it; do this often to become familiar with these new words.

The content of reading can be very broad. It can be from novels, or newspapers, and it can be about subjects like economics or psychology.

Remember you should read about things you are interested in. After a certain period of accumulation by reading, you will greatly improve your Chinese writing. For beginners, you should start with basic topics such as your favorite hobby, future plans, favorite vacation spot, or any other topic that you can write about without difficulty.

Generally the writing topics can be classified into these categories: You should also be marking up books and articles that you read looking for new ways of expressing ideas.

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Using Chinese-Chinese dictionaries is really good for learning how to describe things in Chinese.From the late Shang Dynasty, Chinese writing evolved into the form found in cast inscriptions on Chinese ritual bronzes made during the Western Zhou Dynasty (c – BC) and the Spring and Autumn period (– BC), a kind of writing called 金文 jīnwén "metal script".

Jinwen characters are less angular and angularized than the oracle bone script. Literature, a body of written name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution.

Literature may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language, national origin, historical period, genre, and subject matter.

Learning foreign languages depend on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all of which are necessary to accomplish language-learning goals. Our eWrite Chinese Program is targeted specifically towards reading and writing. Writing a good composition takes time to master.

The shortcut is to memorise good phrases, some “extreme” case memorise the whole essay.

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But are these effective ways? Yes for the first one but not the latter one. 1. Active learning in composition writing is much more effective.

Students should be learning the techniques to compose an essay.

Chinese composition writing

Super Writers Chinese Composition Creative Writing Tuition (Primary/PSLE) Model compositions (Primary Chinese) Home › Uncategorized › Model primary school chinese compositions Singapore. Model primary school chinese compositions Singapore. Writing: Writing, form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language.

This definition highlights the fact that writing is in principle the representation of language rather than a direct representation of thought.

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