Can information system help danaher work leaner

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Can information system help danaher work leaner

First Things First In good Danaher fashion, Mathis first ran three continuous improvement planning sessions aimed at streamlining the procurement process.

But he came away convinced that "we didn't have the basics in terms of system support. SupplyWorks offers access to its SupplyWorks MAX system over the Web, operating the servers itself, which would minimize demands on Danaher's information-technology staff.

For this project, the major task would be to make Mapics exchange data with SupplyWorks. The inventory database would become more important, since the data printed on the kanban cards was being reduced to a bar-code label.

But the benefit of that change was that cards wouldn't have to be reprinted when details like the part supplier or the quantity to be kept in each bin changed.

The new information would be updated directly in the database. Just eliminating the time spent updating kanban cards and replacing lost ones would free up 28 minutes per day for Gurnee's staff, Mathis determined. Through automation, he aimed to reduce the time spent on routine tasks and expand the time available for strategic efforts.

The SupplyWorks pilot in Gurnee was limited to a portion of the parts inventory, but results were encouraging. The results since the system was fully implemented in Gurnee last June haven't been quite as dramatic. While he sees the project as a success, he and others acknowledge it hit some snags.

Laura Hanna, manager of purchasing, shipping and receiving for the Gurnee facility, talks in the future tense when discussing the benefits of the SupplyWorks system, which went into production in June and has since been deployed to factories in Fultonville, N.

In addition to being the trailblazer, Gurnee turned out to have the worst environment for radio interference of the four factories. The other sites, perhaps because of their higher ceilings, seemed to provide a better match for wireless networking than the squat Gurnee building.

Spotty wireless coverage and an unproven piece of handheld computer software from SupplyWorks brought the project at the Gurnee plant to a low point. When the connection failed in the middle of a data upload from one of the handheld computers carried by the pacers, data would be lost, Hanna says.

The pacers then had to retrace their steps, again scanning the cards to find empty bins. This happened several times, undermining the notion that the new system saved time and labor, according to Hanna. SupplyWorks responded with an update to the handheld computer software that warned the pacers when an upload was interrupted and prompted them to try again.

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Rick Zarbo, a SupplyWorks consultant to Danaher, says the software wasn't losing data, but its screen didn't provide workers with enough clues about what to do when a wireless connection was interrupted. That didn't make the wireless connectivity problems go away.

The handheld computers could also be placed into a cradle to upload their data, but that meant Hanna and her staff would be getting the information in batches rather than continual updates from the floor.

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Mathis is hoping that some of these issues will be solved by substituting industrial-strength handhelds from Symbol Technologies for the Hewlett-Packard units originally deployed. The Symbol devices have stronger radio reception, which ought to help solve Gurnee's wireless networking complaints, according to Zarbo, who planned to begin introducing them to Gurnee in May.

Mathis says he so far plans to keep using the HPs at the other factories, where they have produced fewer complaints. The application lets buyers create, modify and track "blanket orders," or templates for orders, from pre-selected suppliers that will be placed automatically, based on empty parts bins reported electronically by the pacers.

Parts suppliers can log in to the system to retrieve new orders or report a shipment. The system also generates alerts that can be sent to an e-mail account or pager.

But Hanna found the system tended to drown suppliers in unnecessary alerts. For example, the system prompts suppliers to file an advanced shipping notification, a document that tells the recipient of a shipment when it should arrive.

Some regular suppliers, such as Arrow Electronics, were getting reminders after parts were waiting on Danaher's receiving dock.

Can information system help danaher work leaner

SupplyWorks refined its product to allow customers to adjust when alerts are sent. Hanna also had to adjust to getting application changes from an external vendor, which involved more negotiation than working with Danaher's technology staff.

SupplyWorks wanted to minimize customization and focus on improvements that multiple customers would find useful.Preparing to Work with Private Equity as an Operating Partner, Timothy Van Mieghem, a partner at The ProAction Group October 6, admin Leave a comment If you’ve been in the private equity sector for any length of time, you have probably come across the work or articles of The ProAction Group .

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