Best paper cutter

This might come off as fairly obvious, but what is most important to me, is that the cutter is sharp. The worst is when it tears the paper and wrecks the whole stack. I want to make books, I want to make cards, I want to print my manifestos and zines!

Best paper cutter

Check Price Best paper cutter best paper cutter overall Swingline is a trusted manufacturer of a wide variety of school and office products, and they offer a series of paper cutters which bring what we think is the best balance of price and performance.

Their ClassicCut Litein particular, is minimalist by design, but every bit as efficient as some more complex cutters out there.

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If you need a good option for average office or classroom applications, this is without a doubt the best paper cutter for you. The base platform, where you put your paper, features a grooved grid to help you mark your trims.

The top is marked with an imperial ruler, while metric measurements are located in the middle of the cutting surface. This is pretty much industry standard, but again, the benefit here is the fact that this cutter has thousands of testimonials vouching for its ability to last for years.

First off, the blade is completely enclosed in a plastic shroud, with the only exposed part of the blade being the very edge Best paper cutter cuts your paper. Most cutter blades are left mostly exposed, which can pose a serious risk for careless fingers.

With these two simple pieces of protection — the shroud and the bar — nearly every potential threat is eliminated. Coming in at a slightly higher price than the Swingline pick from above, this paper cutter offers some additional features and a super-solid platform.

With a thick metal base plate, this model is certainly much more solid than our previous pick.

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We are talking heavy and constant use without having to worry about accidentally cracking, snapping, or bending the base plate.

The face of the platform has a familiar appearance, with a grid system of 1cm squares drawn into the top.

The chosen colors make it appear similar to an old school blueprint, which is kind of cool. There are typical imperial and metric rules along each side, but in addition to those, there are templates for common paper formats A5, B5, B6, and B7 to be specific drawn into the face to help you make quicker, more accurate trims.

When it comes to safety features, things are several pieces of protection in place. The primary safety is a transparent plastic guard that prevents your fingers coming anywhere within an inch of the blade. Because of that, Marigold included a sliding plastic feeder that you can use to push the paper into the blade.

These two safeties combined offer a good amount of protection — not quite as much as the Swingline, but definitely above average. Just remember to always be cautious when using. However, they suggest that you can also cut different materials.

The blade is fairly sharp right out of the box.

Best paper cutter

That is a good thing since Marigold designed the blade not to be sharpened. At the end of the day, the Marigold Professional Cutter offers the same level of efficiency as the Swingline ClassicCut Lite, handling stacks of 10 papers at a time.

The main difference is that Marigold offers larger sizing with a slightly better measurement system, whereas the Swingline is slightly safer.

The choice is yours between precision and safety, but both models are great picks. A compact solution for occasional users Fiskars is a very reputable brand that produces nearly anything involving a blade — knives, axes, scissors, and in this case, paper cutters.

The SureCut Trimmer boasts a unique design that you may not have seen before when comparing paper cutters. As mentioned above, this style has some very unique pros and cons. Due to the sliding blade design and its surrounding guards, you can only cut about 7 papers at time.

In other words, the more paper you try to cut at one time, the harder the little blade has to work to cut them, and therefore the rougher the edges will be. How we picked our top three Since paper cutters have been around for a long time, there are a LOT of brands that offer their own version.

This leaves a pretty sizable range between models that are quality and efficient, and models that are cheaply thrown together. With that in mind, we had to be rather nit-picky when researching different brands in order to decide which ones were best. Check out our standards below to see how we decided on our three picks.

Quality and efficiency The biggest variance between most paper cutters is the quality with which they are built. And when quality varies, so does performance.

To judge this, we looked at a number of factors: The three picks were chose were stars in these categories. Each was built with quality plastics and metals, capable of cutting roughly 10 papers at a time, with dozens of testimonials backing up their functionality over time.

Safeties Since a paper cutter is nothing more than a large blade fixed to a base plate generally speakingsafety features were among our most important requirements.Best paper cutters Do you know that feeling when you need to cut a piece of paper or a photo, but somehow the scissors go the wrong way?

We are all familiar with that feeling, which is why the best tool to get that fixed is a paper cutter. Quick Navigation: Best Guillotine Paper Cutter Best Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Best Rotary Paper Cutter Best Paper Cutter for Card Making.

Paper cutters are useful tools for any office or school environment but these machines can also be found in a hobbyist’s workshop. 10 rows · Die cutters work best for cutting cardstock and paper across the board, but tougher . The Best Paper Cutter for Clean, Effortless Trimming Paper cutters are a simple product by design, but that doesn’t mean all of them are made equally.

In fact, we looked at over 20 different models, and a huge majority of them had common complaints of cheap build quality, a . From Dick Blick Art Materials - Choose from a wide selection of paper cutters and rotary trimmers.

Nov 20,  · Paper Trimmer or the Paper Cutter is right for you.

Swingline Guillotine Paper Trimmer, ClassicCut Lite

While Stampin' Up! makes an awesome Paper Trimmer, they no longer carry the guillotine cutter. 10 Best Paper Cutters - .

Best Paper Cutter Reviews and Complete Buying Guide