Artists writing about their work

It is common for the subject matter to get our attention. All artwork has elements and principles. Elements often together with subject matter create visual effects.

Artists writing about their work

Artists Slide Registers And Directories Also See Our Blog Our blog has regular new content to help professional artists with all aspects of business and their practice: You need to talk about what you do and why you do it.

They need conviction, courage, and understanding because owning art is not easy. Take Joe, for example.

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He takes it home and hangs it in his dining room. Several weeks later, he invites Mary, Susie and Bill over for a dinner party. Furthermore, tonight is only the first of many times that Joe will be required to defend his art.

If you are not an already well known artist, then to instill confidence in potential buyers it is essential to effectively write about yourself and your work. A simple statement like this is a good starting point and often enough for people to then draw their own conclusions.


Be Informative Basic information and facts about your work can also be a great aid to people trying to understand it, e. Moreoever, avoid vague terms and descriptions and answer questions with useful responses. What To Write Overall, if you just give people the basics - plant the seeds and they will draw their own conclusions.

Basics Why you are an artist What inspires you.Nov 13,  · If you need to write an artist statement, start with a personal description of why you decided to make your art, including your goals for your career as an artist. Then, talk a bit about your decision-making process behind your art, like your themes, materials, and techniques%().

Mar 18,  · The artist is the person who knows more about his/her/their work, so there’s no one better to write about it. The idea that you have to know about the art world to describe what are you doing is not right at all.

Artists take their experiences in life and paint, write, or sing about them to express their feeling on their lives.

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Their views on life are reflected in the artist's works. The artist's life is. Whether from a lack of confidence, concerns over sensitive contents, a change of direction, or simply a fit of pique, a number of artists and writers have either destroyed their own work or asked.

10 Artists Who Write Exceptionally Well About Their Own Work From Cory: In my online marketing for artists classes, I often end up helping artists develop some writing skills. “I’m not a writer,” is an excuse I hear all of the time. Consider: Artists dedicate their lives to visual, not verbal, creativity.

artists writing about their work

Most consider their art to be at least partly intuitive. And most work in expressive forms with no real equivalent in words – otherwise they’d be poets or novelists.

Talking and Writing about Artwork